¡Descubre tu potencial reproductivo de manera gratuita, en Reproclinic!

En Reproclinic, ofrecemos una evaluación completa de tu fertilidad, y la de tu pareja, que consiste en:

- Ecografía con recuento folicular, para determinar el número de folículos antrales presentes en los ovarios
- Hormona antimulleriana, para evaluar la reserva ovárica
- Seminograma, para evaluar la calidad y cantidad de espermatozoides
- Consulta con un médico especialista, quien te informará de los resultados y te ofrecerá una orientación diagnóstica personalizada

¡Agenda tu cita gratuita hoy mismo! Contáctanos y toma el primer paso para cuidar de tu salud reproductiva.


Who can benefit from IVF at Reproclinic?

If you have suffered from immunological infertility

If you have been diagnosed of fallopian tube obstruction, endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory adhesions

If the male partner has poor sperm quality results

If you have been diagnosed of primary ovarian failure

If you suffer other undefined causes of infertility

If you are a women-women couple

If you have chosen to be a solo mum

If the male partner needs a microsurgical procedure TESE to retrieve sperm

If you have been trying to conceive for a long time

If you need preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)

Visit our modern clinic located at the heart of Barcelona

Reproclinic is a leader in assisted reproduction treatment with one of the highest success rates in Spain. Discover our state-of-art facility offering the latest equipment and methods and get maximum comfort and attention. The Reproclinic team of IVF specialists is here to help you fulfil your dream of becoming parents.

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Why Reproclinic?

One patient = One team

Every patient gets personalised VIP treatment in Reproclinic. Each patient...

Premium facilities & technology

Thanks to the latest technology and above standard laboratory, we...

Medical excellence

In Reproclinic, you can meet internationally renowned experts specialising in...

Holistic IVF treatments

We achieve excellent results by combining the latest IVF technology...

Outstanding donors program

Reproclinic has a large number of egg donors with many...

Will my treatment be successful? Yes because we know that the difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations and we will take care of you.

Every year, hundreds of babies are born thanks to the treatments at Reproclinic.

Every day, we help our patients across the globe create their desired families.

Every step in your treatment we do is to ensure the highest chances of your success.

IVF with own eggs

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) involves ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and procedure, selection of the best sperm, fertilisation and/or ICSI, long embryo individual culture, the selection of the most competent embryos to achieve pregnancy, the transfer of the best embryo and the freezing of good quality embryos for a subsequent cycle.

Clinical pregnancy rate / embryonic transfer

Pregnancy rate according to the woman’s age









Number of patients who achieved transferring an embryo and freezing at least another embryo



How does it work?

Learn more about what to expect from the IVF treatment process. What might start with tears of sadness can end with tears of joy. So make the first step!

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Prepare for your treatment by completing a medical questionnaire through our website
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Consult your result with an IVF specialist and get an accurate treatment plan
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Start your treatment with the team of the IVF specialists
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End your fertility treatment journey with a positive pregnancy test

Our team

We are proud of our reputation as a quality, professional and highly experienced infertility treatment provider. Each team member is a dedicated professional, always ready to help our patients create their desired family.

In Reproclinic, the fertility specialists, andrologists, embryologists, gynaecologists, nurses and coordinators collaborate closely together to create a patient-friendly environment. This allows us to provide the best care possible and ensure the top treatment results. Let us introduce you to:










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